Art, shenanigans and 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve made a long and thoughtful evaluation of where I’m going in terms of art practice and projects.

So I figured this blog would be a good place to write, (as well a handwriting thoughts and notes in a pocket notebook) This will be more or less the first time in 2017 I stop and reflect.

I have stopped my ‘paintingaday’ series. I was finding it too much to bear, to do one painting everyday became a burden and invited pressure rather than enhancing creativity in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, doing one painting a day is great, it just needs periodic or seasonal breaks. I’ll probably be starting it up again soon, but this time start with a fresh perspective after a well needed experiential detour. I call it an experiential detour because, although over the last few months I haven’t been that productive in the studio, I have been in other areas of life. e.g. social, family, recreational and self development (trying new things and activities). This detour is needed in any creative pursuit as it allows me time and space to breath, and gather more inspiration and ideas.

I don’t know about you, but I think one can’t just be confined in a studio all day everyday to create good art, one has to branch out to gather and collect new experiences and interactions which enriches the art. The hum and drum of other people and the world encapsulating me is just as important as solitary time in the studio, making and constructing. Aren’t our lives just constant process of constructing and deconstructing anyway? we deconstruct what’s in our path and construct it in a new way.

I’m thrilled with the progress I’ve made over the last few months, in art and other areas. I’m still planning and building up paintings started months ago, and creating new  quick ones too. (Just not everyday) There have been day’s where I’ve hardly made anything, but the force is always there, pulsating and gearing up to make something new. I fear the day I won’t ever feel the urge to create.

I’ll be having some big exhibitions (Got into Bloomsberg New Contemporaries!) coming up later this year (September I think) although the dates and venues are still in the pipeline. I am super excited for this! and it also gives me the motivation and propulsion to create more. The urge to create roots internally with me, but external validation is also celebrated. I quite happily write some songs and paintings which never need to be shown to another. I think this is the part of art that is a therapeutic need, I almost use it as a way to filter out bad thoughts or fixations.

I think its a great value to be able to occupy yourself in a room or outdoor setting with no internet, electricity or interactions. To occupy oneself in a room with just a notebook and a pencil is totally necessary for me. It’s what I do when I draw, and how I arrive at realisations. Constant distractions from the digital world make me feel numb in a way.

It is just as valuable to get immersed in activities with other people in a social setting as it is to write in a notebook and be comfortable with solidarity. The simple life.

For some reason I’m reminded of Virginia Woolf. Great poet and thinker. “A room of ones own” and “To The Lighthouse” are some of my favourite novels. That reminds me, I need to look up more poetry !!

On another note, I have got into swimming again, trying to go at least once a week! hopefully more. I have also been running training for charity run in Cambridge which I’m doing a couple of friends in May!. Aside from that, I have found myself assisting and teaching autistic children, learning a lot as I go along and really getting immersed in the activities we do. Theres a great ethos to be taken away from somethings. The climate, spirit and Character of the school and environment I am in is really keeping going at the moment. It’s not a job, it’s only job if it feels like a chore.

I’ve realised I sometimes write quite vaguely, not describing every little thing, It’s just a way of me reflecting and filter out what’s not important. I’m not writing to anyone in particular (I don’t think anybody even reads my blog anymore), just making a blog post that capsules a some thoughts and evaluations together for my own clarity. But thank you for passing by.

I am looking forward to my up and coming exhibitions this year !!! and the paintings I am working on! If you happen to come across this, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed/or took something from it. Art wise – things are looking up. I am pleased about this because despite not being around a strong, consistent art community at University everyday, after graduating, my own creativity has carried on. Even if I feel like a lone wolf with an erratic momentum sometimes.  I’ll be posting dates and venues of art shows soon. – Robbie





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