Recent Influences in Painting

Leon Kossoff – I have been intrigued by the work of Leon Kossoff because of his interior and exterior scenes combined with figures. The way he applies paint is very unique to him and his style. The general desaturation and mood of his paintings is something that makes me feel comfortable. I think I aim to create a similar feel in some of my paintings.

Nothing seems forced, he works on top and again, layering and applying until the scene holds together.


Neo Rauch – In some ways his style and eerie outdoors city scenes reminds me of Edward Hopper but with a vibrant uplift. Some interesting shapes and compositions in suburban/ city and industrial views.


Giacometti- Giacometti and his elongated figures.



I am looking to try and expand into more expressive use of lines. Kandinsky for his musical use of colour and line.


Paul Nash – English and Irish surreal Landscapes, an all time favourite of mine.



Paul Fenniak – Brilliant enigmatic narrative paintings.



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