Studio update on progress made on paintings 2016.

IMG_8469IMG_8472IMG_8473IMG_8475IMG_8477Recently I have been carry out a project of doing one sketch each day.This has been great for me to keep a steady stream of ideas and to create momentum. This forces me to keep coming up with fresh imagery each day, or to expand on a previous image but most of the time I prefer to come up with something fairly different from the last day. It’s a great project to take part in and encourages practice and motivation, there can be some difficult day where everything else seems to take over, and at worst the creative spark seems to evaporate or get buried under everything else. I don’t see as a challenge really, more of a choice to dedicate myself to creativity and see what I can come up with. The drawings that i make to be part of #asketchaday project are usually the underpinning for bigger and more finalised ideas.

Start in 2014 I embarked on #apaintingaday project, this required me to complete one painting per day, I cut down the paper myself to 22.5 x 18 cm, i grew familiar with the size, but overwhelmed with the possibilities of what I can make out of just painting on to the size and this material. I am now trying to put together a lot of these small paintings into a grid format together so they can relate to on another. In the images above you’ll see a space where I have placed the paintings on the floor, I started painting a scene i had in mind, using the size of these small pieces of paper to join on to more pieces and to create a larger painting.

I’m back into the painting each day project, and am loving it. I consider them to be sketches, but some of them just feel finished in their raw state, sometimes there’s no need to keep adding when I’ve already painted something impulsive onto the surface, going over it or tweaking parts will only dampen the impact and deaden the immediate urge conveyed with paint.

I am exploring painting and drawing at the same time, I consider them to be sketches so this implies drawing, whether they have been made with paint or dry materials such as pencil. I am bringing together an improvisation of paint itself and a poetic thought dialogue in visual form. At this moment I’m painting a lot from life experience and things I feel or see in situations around me and through painting, trying to make sense of it in a visual way. Sometimes i will glance at photos for a reference point but I think I am working very hard on trying to have these ideas readily available from my head, from being attentive to each moment, I am trying to capture and form a composition which I later will draft out on to the page.

One thing I have noticed a lot about my process of painting is that it’s becoming increasingly insular and introverted, I absolutely want my paintings to communicate with other people on an emotional or poetic level, but the drive to paint is coming for a source thats wholly internal. I like this feeling of being introverted, it helps me focus all my time and thought into what I want to create without being distracted from other things. I think the best and most ticking moments and peaks of ideas, from my experience has come from being inward, and focusing my attention wholly in one direction. This does not mean being oblivious or even ignorant of other things, but knowing what I want to achieve in my paintings and working towards that regardless of external obstacles. During the #sketchaday project recently, it feels like there have been so many other external factors that could have an impact on the paintings I’m doing and stream of sketches I’m keeping up. I try to plan my schedule around painting and the sketch each day to form new ideas. Since our communication and ability to exchange is so limited by verbal chatter and daily tasks, the easiest way for me to come up with original thoughts is to sketch and paint.

Time happens as we navigate through these days and rest at night, although I never really am conscious of this when I sit down at my desk to paint. I am aware of time and structure when I am not painting, but from the moment I interact with paint, I’m blurring the line between the different categories in my life, at least that what it feels like. I’m paining my interpretation of the experience and entwining several places together. I am interested in space. At the moment I love painting interior rooms, the spaces in which we move through everyday are vessels in which we carry ourselves, vessels that hold all of this together as we learn to race through an unforgiving pace. The great outdoors is just on the other side of this glass plane as we’re moving in a circle around the sun. I think I’m alway trying reconcile this high speed pace with a stillness that is calm and collected. I’ve been using a big brush recently which sometimes I decide to brush along a drawn and defined painting to blur the forms and to get a look of slight jolting, like it’s stopped in movement. I am always trying to shift between definition and amorphous locations/spaces. But it’s very observatory, almost like I am not participating, but just lingering about trying to capture something awful or beautiful with paint. At least that’s how it feels sometimes, I am not participating in anything other than mentally collecting and impulsively painting. Maybe I should change that, maybe I should take a more physical response, and pick up things or even sculpt to see how that informs my painting.

I think at the moment I am so immersed in painting and the continuous development of imagery with brush strokes, it’s almost hindering my ability to try anything else. Although I would really love to try other things, I’m getting closer to some finished outcomes in painting at the moment so I’m going to keep pushing it as far as I can. Focus and determination is something that feels so fulfilling, almost like I never want to stop sketching, I am becoming so aware of the subtleties that drawing and painting hold, it’s truly exciting!. I think the act of painting for me has always been about exploring my own sense of being here. Everything feels empty without a response and painting or drawing seems to be my most natural response to life. I think the things we come with alone can sometimes our most interesting and authentic expressions of ourselves, maybe that only feels true for me because painting is a very personal thing which requires one to be alone to really make an authentic painting. If I am in the company of another person, I can’t help but feel somewhat self conscious of the act of painting, perhaps I should change this. However much I feel I need to focus alone to make a good painting, the peak of the outcome is always from other peoples response. I think painting is an extremely valid form of communication, perhaps even more primal and visceral than any verbal exchange could every create. I think If a painter is good enough, they should be able to use painting as an aid for communication, if not, the foundation for other forms of communication. I think sometimes painting is looked at for being infantile, relaxed or even slow moving. I think if a painter is good enough, they should be able to beat those pre – conceived ideas and create something of immediate impact and transference. I ‘m not sure if I am there yet, but surely the hope is to keep working on it in that way and handover a dashing transfer by using paint.









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