Metaphysical Painting – The way you see the world is embedded in your art

Lately I have really started to get back into painting after a short break. I became very stressed and anxious on the days when I didn’t make art or even pick up a paintbrush or pencil. For me, art is a necessity, I need to do it in order to stay sane and happy. Through painting, I see the beauty in the world and make sense of the world. I usual try to capture the beauty and mystery of the world in a painting.

Painting for me is also about making sense of the human experience, the way we see things and the way our mind works. My painting style has developed into a rather metaphysical or poetic style where I paint something from observation and transform it into something else. I don’t just paint what it is, the way I see the world is embedded in the painting.


Here I have painted a piece of paper on wooden floor under a blue sofa. The painting is not finished yet, but it’s just an example of one of the small paintings I am doing at the moment. I am going to do lots of small paintings and then use inspiration from them to compose a bigger one.



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