Painting in the moment


Right now I am in a pub with my friends from Fine art at Hertfordshire university, we have just finished the semester and handed in our first essay in the three year we are here. As I sit here, I just feel the need to write my thoughts.

This is a painting I done last week. At first I had the idea in mind of the de-saturated purple next to a certain orange colour. We had just done a colour theory workshop and we had the chance to see the true beauty of colours and the way they work together.

There is something very calming about mixing colours and just focusing on colours, getting lost and enjoying paint. That’s what it’s all about right, having fun and getting lost in it?

I began painting the room and walls around, using dull browns and badges. I wanted to paint the mundane beauty of the walls and rooms, mixed with my imagination of other colours and the view from the window. What I really wanted to do is combine all these different things in my mind and in the space around me all into one painting. It is a combination of all these things in one experience. I was trying to put everything I was experiencing in that moment all in to one painting.

I then just started to use the actual painting as the pallet, mixing and putting down colours as seen in the bottom of the image.

Anyway, that’s enough writing for tonight, I will not get back to being with amazing people and living in the moment.

So until the next time, c ya and make some good art!


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