Creating from your stream of consciousness

The way I play guitar is by improvising and making it up as I go along. I would pick up my guitar and just start playing. I would start making up a tune on the spot until I found something I like. My thoughts and feelings would become embedded in the music, and I will tell a story, or a poem without using any words. I have been using this method with painting recently, there is something magical about just being able to pick up something e.g. guitar, paintbrush, pen or other materials and be creative with it, make it up there and then without it being preordained, create from your stream consciousness. I find this is the most fun way to work and the best way to tap into your real creativity. Improvise untill you come up with something you like!

These are two paintings I have been working on. The top one is not finished and the bottom one might be finished… I’m not sure yet.




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