3 Painters I love at the moment

R.B. Kitaj

I am not going to bore you with complex vocabulary and art terms. I Just absolutely love R.B. Kitaj’s paintings, there is so much excitement in his work, the colours, shapes and compositions. I just love the images he has created by bringing all these different influences together!!. Most of the scenes look like they are from his imagination, depictions of ideas expressing feeling about memories, places and people. He does it in such an exciting way.

Patrick Heron

I cannot express into words how excited I am about the way Patrick Heron has used paint. His artworks are mind blowing and exciting, touching on feelings, sensations and memories. His abstract piece make me feel different emotions and remind me of different things whilst I love the way he explores the material. I am love with everything from his crazy still life’s, through to the abstract explorations of paint and colours, to the absolutely exquisite, dream like landscapes. So Inspiring!

Christopher Le Brun

The  Way Christopher Le Brun Used paint to create atmosphere and feelings is something that just does not need to be put into words. His paintings express the beauty and mystery of the connection we have to nature and the universe.


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