A part of us lingers everywhere.

I feel like I don’t even need to explain this statement, the title says it all. But here are some of my thoughts, hopefully an interesting read…

My mind is going crazy! I feel Inspired and creative. Getting feedback from other bloggers has been amazing and really inspired and motivated me to post more. The thing that really inspires me to blog is the desire to inspire people and get inspiration from other people.

“A part of us lingers everywhere”

Those are some words that I saw on my twitter news feed a few minutes ago from a person who Lives in the USA, Ohio and I live in England, London. These are the exact words I’ve been looking for. They express an Idea that I’ve had in my head for years. The idea that everything you do, everything you say, everything you create, has an effect on the world. If you create something and share with someone else, it’s like you are planting a seed in the persons mind, or having an effect on them in some way, maybe inspiring them in some way, consciously or subconsciously. And then that persons actions or creations will effect someone else, then that persons actions will go on to have an effect/inspire someone else… and so on.

Me being inspired by the words that I read on twitter is a prime example of this, those words have inspired me and now I am making a blog post about it. The person who wrote it has absolutely no idea that I am making a blog post about it, and doesn’t even know that I exist. Every action that we make has an effect on the world. The film ‘The butterfly effect’ illustrates this idea clearly.

So remember next time you create something, you are contributing to this cycle of inspiration and ideas, no matter how small your contribution, it will have an effect on something or someone…. At least that’s what I believe.

That’s Just some of my thoughts lately

Here is some of my art that I’ve done in the past that I think reflects or illustrates in some way this idea.





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