A Sketch A Day

For the past 95 days I have been accomplishing a challenge I set my self at the start of the year; to do one sketch everyday. I have posted them all on my twitter page  https://twitter.com/RobbsOK

The reason I wanted to do this is that because it’s a great way of encouraging creativity, and i have the satisfaction of the fact that I’m creating something new everyday. I want it to test me, pushing my work ethic even further, forcing me to do work.

I think one of the keys to Success it hard work and determination so that’s what a sketch a day has made me – determined.

I know many of you probably don’t practice art or drawing, but doing something once everyday will definitely make you improve, whether it’s writing, drawing, playing an instrument or anything where you’re using the mind, practice makes perfect!

Today’s Sketch: 

Day 95




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