Hello there,

Well i’m new to blogging and don’t really know what to write about but going to give it a go anyway. I am starting this blog because i want to become better at creative writing, and i want to write for other people to see and read and i want to have a chance to communicate with different people from different parts of the world over the internet.

I guess starting this blog, for me, is partly a self development project. It is definitely a project that is going to take time and work, which i am no stranger to. I   work very hard and many long hours on my art so i am used to hard work, even if it is a bit lonely sometimes. I am a student study fine art at college, hopefully going on to university to complete a degree next year. I am also a practicing artist, trying to exhibit my artwork as much as i can outside of studying. I have had three paintings exhibited in a student gallery in London earlier on this year and have one painting being exhibited next year in march along with other professional works (which i am very excited about).

I feel like this blog will give a platform to express my thoughts and ideas, as an artist but also as a blogger connecting with people. For anyone who wants to listen to what i have to say, i am grateful for.



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